Poker Club‘s Jackpot





Olympic casino poker club’s jackpot is united – three in one jackpot. Jackpot is combined from - Royal Flush Jackpot, Bad Beat Jackpot and Best Hand of the Week Jackpot.


The sum of jackpots is total. Any part of the jackpot can be won in three different ways. Rake for jackpot is taken only from cash games, in which are 6 or more players, flop is seen (in flop games) and then second card turned over in Stud games. To win jackpot all those conditions carried out. To pretend for jackpot’s winnings player need to use at least one hole card (flop games). From every game (which carries out all the conditions mentioned before) 0,5 € rake is taken to Poker Club’s jackpot. The jackpot is won; winning sum is counted by yesterday’s results. The rake from the same day is not added. If cash game continues 24h, then jackpot is recounted 06:00 in the morning.       



Best hand of the week jackpot


Every week we keep track on the best hand of the week. Lower hand than Full House can’t pretend to win jackpot. If there is no hand higher than Full House, that sum stays for the next week.

If there are several best equal combinations during the week, than the sum of the winning is divided among them. Best hand of the week has requirement that at least one of the hole card has to be in the combination. A best hand of the week winning is 5% from the Jackpot; witch is counted on Monday morning.  



Bad Beat Jackpot


To pretend to Bad beat jackpot there has to be situation:

-         Texas Hold‘em or Crazy Pineapple games „Full house“ – Aces over Jacks;

-         Omahoje four of the kind;

-          7 Card Stud game „Full house“ – Aces over any pair;

-         5 Card Stud game Flush with high card king or higher combination;

loses to higher combination.


In Texas Hold‘em and Crazy Pineapple games both hole card has to make losing combination; for the winning hand at least one hole card.


In bad beat situation 60% of the jackpot is paid in following order:

1)      Losing hand gets 30% of the sum;

2)      Winning hand gets 15% of the sum;

3)      Other 15% are divided among those players who played that hand.


If there are any doubts about collusion, casino has the right to suspend payout from bad beat jackpot. To win bad beat jackpot there has to be showdown situation.


Royal flush jackpot


Royal flush combination gets 20% of the Jackpot in Omaha game and 30% in other games.

 NB! All winning has to be paid out during one month form winning date, otherwise money are returned to Jackpot.