General Rules of Olympic Poker Club Lithuania


General rules

1. The Olympic Poker Club Lithuania offers to play :

·         Texas Hold’em

·         Omaha

·         Crazy Pineapple

·         5 Card omaha

2. The maximum of players per table:

·         Texas Hold’em, Crazy Pineapple – 10 persons.

·         Omaha – 9 persons.

·         5 Card omaha - 8 players.

* Dealer's choice is an exception, with 9 maximum players, irrespective of the game.

3. Smoking is not allowed at poker area.

4. Players are not allowed:

·         An inappropriate behavior or disrespecting casino management and staff. 

·         To bother dealers work.

·         To throw cards and chips.

·         To hide chips.

·         To show cards to other players during the hand.

·         To damage and spoiling inventory.

·         To play dishonestly.

·         To keep drinks, cigarettes, mobile phones, wallets etc. on the table.

5. In case of inappropriate behavior of the player, the Supervisor/Manager has right to : 

·         Ban the player for 15 minutes break and have him leave the poker room for the cash game.

·          Ban from the tournament for 15 minutes or longer during the tournament, and may cause total disqualification from the tournament, and not allow being in the poker room.


6. Poker Supervisor/Poker Manager has the right to limit using phones and other electronic devices at the poker table.

7. Conversations on the mobile phone during the hand are not allowed and this can be a reason for supervisor/tournament director to accept the hand of a player as Dead hand.

8. Spectators are forbidden to distract players from the game, to make comments and give advice during game. The manager can remove the spectator if with such request the player will address. 

9. During all poker games are used special tournament’s or cash chips.

10.  While playing players are only allowed to communicate with each other in the language understood by casino personnel dealer/Poker Supervisor (Lithuanian, Russian and English).

11.  Players must remain in their assigned seat, and all decisions regarding game play must be made by the player.  

12.  The player takes full responsibility for the cards security.

13.  Players are not allowed to exchange information about the cards during the hand.

14.  If the player has shown his cards to some player, then other players have right to see these cards too (Show one - Show all) - even in case the player folds cards, he cannot show them to another player weather he is playing or not.

15.  Cards should always be placed on the table. There is a dividing line on the poker table, which helps the dealer determine weather the Player has folded his cards or keeps playing. 

16.  If the player holds his cards the way other players can see them, Supervisor/Manager has a right to warn him or announce the cards Dead Hand.

17.  By the biggining of the deal the cards of the absent players are considered Dead Hand and are picked up starting from the player sitting behind the Big Blind. This rule concerns also players who have Small or Big Blind.

18.  The player must make a one step bet or it will be considered a String Bet.

19.  If player makes a String Bet:

·         If there already are bets on the table, then the String Bet is accepted as a Call.

·         If the String Bet is the first bet, then only one chip that touched the table first is considered a bet.

20. If one highest value chip is placed with no comments, but more valuable than the previous bet, is considered as a Call.

21.  One chip placed with no comments which is the first bet and is more valuable than minimal bet, is considered a highest acceptable bet during the game.

22. In case if the player puts few chips as a bet without making any comments and the bet value refers to the minimal raise, then the bet is accepted as a Raise. If the quantity of chips is not enough for the minimal Raise, the bet is accepted as a Call.

23. If the player announces the bet orally, he has to make the bet referral to the announced sum and String Bet is allowed in this case.

24. Players must make decisions concerning the game according to their turn.

·     If the player does Check out of turn and the player sitting before him does Check, then the player disobey the turn has no right to change his decision until it is his turn again.

·     The player which put the bet before his turn has no right to Raise the previous bet even if that was raise, until it is his turn again.

·     The player which did a Call before his turn has no right to raise the previous bet until it is his turn again.

·     The player, who has folded the cards before his turn, cannot get his cards back.

·     Having disobeyed these rules repeatedly the player will get warning or penalty.


25. The minimal bet rule is used during the Pot Limit/No Limit games:

·     The first minimal raise is always double of the previous bet.

·     The second minimal raise is always equal: double last raise or bet minus previous bet o raise.

26. If the players open up his cards too soon, the cards stay on the table exposed, but the Players stays in game only with Check/Call/Raise/Fold possibilities. The player gets warning or 15 min penalty in the end of this deal. The players can be disqualified from the tournament in case if the mentioned situation repeater.

27. Players have to open all their cards during the Showdown.

28. Cards Speaks – the player which held's the best combination wins, even if the dealer or player have made a mistake determining the combination.

29. Only 5 cards are being used to make a combination. The 6th and 7th card can never determine the win or loss.

30. The suite is not taken into consideration to determine the best combination.

31. If two or more players happen to have same combinations, the bank is splited within these players, the player seated behind the Button gets Odd chip (in the games with Button) in case if pot is odd)) or the player seated on the left hand of the dealer (in games without Button).

32. In case if several pots (Side Pot), appear on the table, the first turn opening up the cards is given to players going to get all the pots, but sharing pots begins with the last player.  

33. Misdeal - the situation when Dealer has to reshuffle cards and deal again. Misdeal is called in the case if:

·     The first card dealt is accidentally opened

·     During a dealing of cards, more than 1 card is accidentally opened

·     The Dealer starts dealing from wrong player.

·     The Dealer missed one player during the dealing of cards and the cards cannot be moved to the right order.

·     The Dealer has dealt fewer cards than required to one player, except the player is sitting on the button position and the Dealer can deal an additional card to that player.

·     The Dealer deals to one player more cards than needed except the additional card is dealt to the player after the button and the Dealer notices the mistake immediately. Then the Dealer takes the card back and uses it as the first burned card.

34. Claims concerning the previous hand are not accepted if the new hand has begun.

35. Casino management has a right to reject two or more players to play at one table in case of possibility of dishonest play.

36. The supervisor/Manager has a right to check the players cards if the player is being dishonest.

37. Supervisor/Manager follows the games interests and justice principles. No following formal technical rules are sometimes possible during unordinary situation to make the most just full decision.

38. All problems are solved and claim dismissed right away. Supervisor/Manager decision is final. Claims handled later are not accepted or discussed.



Cash-Game rules

1.      Only cash chips can be used during Cash Game.

2.   Bets made by cash money are not accepted. Cash can be exchanged for chips only before the beginning of the hand.

3.   The players should be registered with Supervisor to start the game. The player may loose his seat of he is absent by the moment of the beginning of the game.

4.      The player taking part in the tournament cannot register for the Cash Game.  

5.   Only 9 persons maximum can play at one Cash Game table. There is only one exception for No Limit Texas Hold'em game (when maximum player quantity allowed is 10).  

6.      The Dealer Button is always used during the Cash Game. The Dealer Button is always drawn before the beginning of Cash Game.  

7.      The maximum and minimum Buy-in is always determined by Supervisor depending on the Blinds amount.

8.      The new player can enter the game having made the minimum Buy-in. Buy-in can be made by cash or cash chips.

9.      The new player has right to choose any free seat at the table, after he did choose nobody else can take his seat.

10.  The player can change the seat at the table only after Supervisors acceptance, as well as other player’s agreement.

11.  If the player during his seat’s change misses the obligatory bets, he has to pay them anyways.  

12.  The new player can starts the game with bet which is equivalent to Big Blind (New player’s Blind) or wait till moment when will be his turn to put Big Blind.

13.  For players who have no chip is not allowed to deal cards. The player can be dealt cards only if he has chips for the sum equal to Big Blind amount.

14.  Is it possible to make  Straddle in cash games:

·     The first Straddle bet, which player can make only after Big Blind is equal double Big Blind.

·     All others Straddle bets equal double that was made before.

·     Last Straddle bets can be on dealer button.

·     Last Straddle bets are Live Straddle bets.

·     The player, who has to put Missed Blind or New Player’s Blind can’t make Straddle bet.

15.  During the game player only one time per evening can make Short Buy-in (twice less than minimal Buy in).

16.  The player can change maximum and minimum table’s blinds only with poker supervisors/manager agreement, as well if all other players at the table are agree.  

17.  All games are “Table stakes”, its mean that during the game player can use only chips which are on table. It is not allowed to add or buy extra chip during the hand, also the player can’t take away chips from table until he finishes game, except if layer wants to pay for drinks, food or tips.

18.  The player has no rights to borrow or give chips to other players from table stake.

19.     The player has right to have 30 minute break during the game with poker supervisor/ manager agreement. If player left table without any confirmation from poker supervisor’s he can loose his seat.

20.  If a player can’t make decision for long time, the poker supervisor/manager has rights to indicate the time, during which player have to make action.

21.  If a player leaves the table and returns within five hour. He has to take seat at the table with the same sum as he had on the moment of leaving.

22.  During the tournament and cash games there is a rule: Last Aggressive Action must show card first.

23.  Casino takes 3% of every pot as commission (Rake).

24.  There is rule “No Flop – No rake” in casino; if the game is over before the flop will be open (Flop games) or before second open card came out (Stud games) the rake will not be taken.

Tournament’s rules.

1.      Tournament is competition, in which players pay the obligatory sum (Buy in) for participation. There is prize pool, which is combined from all fees in tournament. The prize pool is divided among the winners according the special system, depending on of total number of players entered to tournament.  

2.      There are 2 kinds of tournaments:

·         “Rebuy” – tournament, where players are allowed to buy extra tournament chips during the certain period of time.

·         “Freezeout” – tournament, where players are have no possibilities to buy extra tournament chips.

·         “Jackpot tournaments” - tournaments, where from every buy-in fixed amount goes to jackpot, jackpot payout - for royal flush - 80%, straight flush - 20%.

3.      For participation players have to pass registration (pay Buy in) at Olympic Casino cash desk.

4.      Olympic Casino management has right to change or limit registration conditions for any tournament.

5.      In case if number of players, who want to participate in tournament is more than allowed, the poker supervisors make “Waiting list”. Players from “Waiting list” can participate in tournament only if will be free place in the main list:

a)    “Rebuy” tournaments – during Rebuy time.

b)    “Freezeout” tournaments – during 1 hour or the time designated by the tournament director.

6.      Position at waiting list is individual and can’t be passed to anyone else.

7.      The minimum number of players for tournament is 4 players. In case if on tournament is less than 4 players, tournament is cancelled, and players who have paid Buy in have rights to take money back.

8.      All players get an equal number of tournament chips, which have an equal value, can be used only in tournament and are not refundable.

9.      The players have no rights to pass his chips to other players.  

10.  The layers have no rights to take out tournament chips from casino.

11.  The players draw their tables and seat before tournament is starting, and have no rights to change it.

12.  The player must play on tournament by himself; it is not allowed to use another player instead.

13.  If the player has paid for tournament and it is known he would be late, his chips play in tournament anyway with others; dealers will make all obligatory bets for absent player.

14.  If the player has missed tournament for some reason, his chips play only certain period of time.

15.  The player can get the participation fee back in the following cases:

·     If it’s known that the tournament has been canceled for some reasons

·     If player inform at least 1 hour before tournament’s starts that he is missing tournament; he can get participation fee if the poker manager agrees.

16.  The player, who has left table gets cards anyway and have to put Ante or Blind bets. The dealer has right to put obligatory bets for missing player.

17.  The cards are always dealt to all players (if they are present at the table or not).

18.  After the cards are dealt the missing player’s cards are Dead Hand and picked up starting from player sitting after Big Blind. This rule works also for players, who are on Small and Big Blind position.

19.  The minimal bets (Small/Big Blind, Ante, and Forced Bet) are growing up in accordance with certain order determined before.

20.  In case if value of average stack is lower than value of 10 Big Blinds, the tournament manger has right to repeat current level one more time. The one level couldn’t be repeated more that 2 time.

21.  During the tournament, all tables must have the same number of players. Numbers of players on the tables constantly adjusted as players are eliminated from the tournament.

22.  The tables are balanced by following system: in place of eliminated player takes player from Big Blind position.

23.  Seats for players from broken table are always determinate by lottery.

24.  The order of assigned seating for players at final table is always determinate by lottery.

25.  During the balancing tables players have to take the assigned seat immediately.

26.  In a case if two or more players are eliminated from tournament the position they took are determinate by number of points (the player with higher number of points gets the better position in ranking list).

27.  In case if only two players left in the tournament, the player on Button position have to bet Small Blind and other player bets Big Blind. The same rule works for Heads-Up tournaments as well.

28.  Bets, levels and number of starting points (the tournament structure) are planned in advance and each player can get this information before tournament starts.

29.  The casino has right to change the tournament structure before the tournament starts. All tournament participants must be informed about that in advance.

30.  In case if player is not taken decision a long time, any player has rights to ask Poker Supervisor/Manager to detect 1 minute „Time”. If, after a minute the player is still not decided, then the Poker Supervisor/Manager of the tournament begins to count down 10 seconds in the reverse order. After 10 seconds that player’s cards are automatically considered as the Dead Hand (Fold).

31.  The player can announce „Time” only for table where he plays. Poker Supervisor/Manager of the tournament, could not accept an application if he does not consider it reasonable.

32.  Manipulate the possibility of announcing "Time" is not allowed, in case of failure this rule a player can get warning or penalty.

33.  During the tournament only tournament chips can be placed on tables (also chip used as a “Card Cap”) and cash chip in the Terminator tournament, which is used like Terminator chip.

34.  The combination is determined only by the open cards. The combination, announced by the player orally not considered valid.

35.  After the time is out of the level, the next level is valid with the next hand. If the dealer has dealt at least one card, then this hand will be finished with the old blinds.

36.  The folded cards immediately go to Muck and nobody has rights to see them.

37.  If the dealer takes the player's cards, which do not protect, then that player can not get chips back, he put before. Exception - if the player made Raise and no one made the bet to him.

38.  In case if player moves from broken table to another table and his seat is between Small Blind and Button, he misses this hand and the next hand Button passes to the next player.

39.  Players are not allowed to comment possible combination during the hand.