Win The Button Knockout

11.12.2018 18:00
110.00 €
Winter Festival
Olympic Casino Vilnius, Lietuva
Additional information

30 minutes levels, late registration and re-entries 6 levels, Bounty 50€


Tournament results will be sent to The Hendon Mob database.

Starting stack
2520 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Povilas J. Lithuania 850.00 € 225.00 Regular ranking
2 svaras Poland 570.00 € 180.00 Regular ranking
3 PonasSmogas Lithuania 400.00 € 150.00 Regular ranking
4 Paulius J. Lithuania 290.00 € 120.00 Regular ranking
5 Jaroslav S. Lithuania 200.00 € 105.00 Regular ranking
6 Aurimas G. Lithuania 160.00 € 90.00 Regular ranking
7 Aleksandr R. Lithuania 75.00 Regular ranking
8 Anonymus Lithuania 60.00 Regular ranking
9 Diana K. Latvia 45.00 Regular ranking
30 R. Latvia
abe Lithuania
Aleksandras R. Lithuania
Algimantas J. Lithuania
Andrejus P. Lithuania
Andzej O. Lithuania
Aurelijus V. Lithuania
Aurimaso Lithuania
Badluck Lithuania
Bastoonas Lithuania
Darius B. Lithuania
David K. Lithuania
Diodukas Lithuania
Gediminas K. Lithuania
Hanisas Lithuania
Kas Toks Lithuania
Linas M. Lithuania
Linas P. Lithuania
Lukas D. Lithuania
Michael C. Lithuania
Michailas M. Lithuania
MoeSizlac93 Lithuania
Nemo Lithuania
Povilas L. Lithuania
Re R. Latvia
Re-entry 1 Latvia
Re-entry 13 R. Lithuania
Re-entry 2 Latvia
Re-entry 21 R. Latvia
Re-entry 29 Latvia
Re-entry 34 Latvia
re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
Re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
reentry r. Lithuania
reentry28 r. Lithuania
reentry29 r. Lithuania
Robertas K. Lithuania
Sandra Z. Latvia
Saulius R. Lithuania
Upetakis Lithuania
Vygerdas J. Lithuania
Vytautas R. Lithuania