31.01.2019 18:00
110.00 €
Olympic Casino Vilnius, Lietuva
Additional information

Re-entry 8 levels


All levels 25min. bounty 25€

Starting stack
11300 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Ant G. Lithuania 2,583.00 € 368.00 Regular ranking
2 Artur V. Lithuania 1,653.00 € 294.00 Regular ranking
3 Romualdas M. Lithuania 1,161.00 € 245.00 Regular ranking
4 Simonas P. Lithuania 848.00 € 196.00 Regular ranking
5 Vadim G. Lithuania 568.00 € 172.00 Regular ranking
6 Robertas J. Lithuania 458.00 € 147.00 Regular ranking
7 Maksimas B. Lithuania 356.00 € 123.00 Regular ranking
8 Artus Lithuania 314.00 € 98.00 Regular ranking
9 Pavel P. Lithuania 280.00 € 74.00 Regular ranking
10 VitoM Lithuania 254.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
30 R. Latvia
abe Lithuania
Aleksandr R. Lithuania
Aleksandras R. Lithuania
Alfredas P. Lithuania
Algirdas S. Lithuania
Andrei K. Lithuania
Andrius S. Lithuania
Arturas B. Lithuania
Arunas G. Lithuania
Arunas Š. Lithuania
Arvydas R. Lithuania
Aurelijus B. Lithuania
Bahadir H. Lithuania
Brilijant Lithuania
Buda Lithuania
Catone Lithuania
Darius Lithuania
Darius N. Lithuania
David K. Lithuania
destramkau Lithuania
Edgaras B. Lithuania
Eligijus A. Lithuania
Evaldas A. Lithuania
Gediminas K. Lithuania
Gediminas N. Lithuania
Giedrius S. Lithuania
Grigorij R. Lithuania
Ignas G. Lithuania
Ira29 Lithuania
Jacksset #1 Player Lithuania
Jaroslav S. Lithuania
Jonas Lithuania
Jonas Lithuania
Julius J. Lithuania
Justas C. Lithuania
Justas Ž. Lithuania
Kaziukonis Lithuania
Kęstutis K. Lithuania
Kipras K. Lithuania
Laurynas K. Lithuania
Lukas D. Lithuania
Mantas B. Lithuania
Mantas U. Lithuania
Mindaugas J. Lithuania
MindaugasKR Lithuania
Netojesmej Lithuania
Oskaras K. Lithuania
Paulius P. Lithuania
pijus j. Lithuania
Player Lithuania
player p. Estonia
Player P. Lithuania
player p. Estonia
player p. Lithuania
player p. Estonia
Player2 Lithuania
Povilas J. Lithuania
RB Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Re R. Latvia
Re-entry 1 Latvia
Re-entry 13 R. Lithuania
Re-entry 2 Latvia
Re-entry 21 R. Latvia
Re-entry 29 Latvia
Re-entry 31 Latvia
Re-entry 32 R. Latvia
Re-entry 33 R. Latvia
Re-entry 34 Latvia
Re-entry 4 R. Lithuania
Re-entry 4 R. Lithuania
re-entry 5 r. Lithuania
re-entry 6 r. Lithuania
Re-entry 9 R. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
Re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
reentry r. Lithuania
reentry28 r. Lithuania
reentry29 r. Lithuania
Remigijus P. Lithuania
Ricardas L. Lithuania
Romka Lithuania
Ronaldas R. Lithuania
Saulius R. Lithuania
TheLion2 Lithuania
Tomas M. Lithuania
Tomas S. Lithuania
Vaidas S. Lithuania
Valdas G. Lithuania
Vasilij B. Lithuania
Vasilijus P. Lithuania
Verdugrikius Lithuania
Vilius Z. Lithuania
Vilius Z. Lithuania
Vitalijus B. Lithuania
Vladas B. Lithuania
Vladimir M. Lithuania
Vygerdas J. Lithuania
Zbignev L. Lithuania
Zydc Lithuania