Main Event Day 2

16.12.2018 12:00
Winter Festival
Olympic Casino Vilnius, Lietuva
Additional information

Freezeout, levels 60min.


Tournament results will be sent to The Hendon Mob database.

19662 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Buda Lithuania 5,407.00 € 420.00 Regular ranking
2 Paulius V. Lithuania 3,520.00 € 336.00 Regular ranking
3 Mantas L. Lithuania 2,654.00 € 280.00 Regular ranking
4 Povilas L. Lithuania 1,868.00 € 224.00 Regular ranking
5 Darius Lithuania 1,278.00 € 196.00 Regular ranking
6 Sigitas R. Lithuania 1,022.00 € 168.00 Regular ranking
7 SofaKing Lithuania 786.00 € 140.00 Regular ranking
8 Kaziukonis Lithuania 670.00 € 112.00 Regular ranking
9 Vygerdas J. Lithuania 570.00 € 84.00 Regular ranking
10 Darius N. Lithuania 511.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
11 Vytautas V. Lithuania 472.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
12 Ugnius O. Lithuania 452.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
13 Zbignev L. Lithuania 452.00 € 0.00 Regular ranking
30 R. Latvia
555 Lithuania
abe Lithuania
adamchikas Lithuania
Albertas V. Lithuania
Aleksandr R. Lithuania
Aleksandras R. Lithuania
Algimantas J. Lithuania
Alius R. Lithuania
ALL - IN Lithuania
Andrius L. Lithuania
Andrius M. Lithuania
Andrius Ž. Lithuania
Ant G. Lithuania
Antanas K. Lithuania
Arvydas C. Lithuania
Bahadir H. Lithuania
Barselona Lithuania
Bastoonas Lithuania
Blessed45 Lithuania
Dainius A. Lithuania
Darius J. Lithuania
Darius K. Lithuania
David K. Lithuania
Diana K. Latvia
Egidijus L. Lithuania
Eimantas M. Lithuania
Ernestas D. Lithuania
Ernestas Z. Lithuania
Grigorij R. Lithuania
Hanisas Lithuania
Ilja Z. Lithuania
Ingrida K. Lithuania
Jaroslav S. Lithuania
Julius A. Lithuania
Justas L. Lithuania
Kestutis V. Lithuania
Kondratas P. Lithuania
laSla Lithuania
Linas L. Lithuania
lt11 l. Lithuania
lt11 l. Lithuania
lt114 l. Lithuania
lt115 l. Lithuania
lt116 l. Lithuania
lt117 l. Lithuania
lt118 l. Lithuania
lt119 l. Lithuania
lt120 l. Lithuania
lt121 l. Lithuania
lt122 l. Lithuania
lt123 l. Lithuania
lt124 l. Lithuania
lt125 l. Lithuania
lt126 l. Lithuania
lt127 l. Lithuania
Mantas P. Lithuania
Mantas S. Lithuania
Marius V. Lithuania
Martynas M. Lithuania
Michailas M. Lithuania
Mindaugas S. Lithuania
Nerijus J. Lithuania
Paulius J. Lithuania
Paulius K. Lithuania
Paulius U. Lithuania
Pepis9 Lithuania
PonasSmogas Lithuania
Re R. Latvia
Re-entry 1 Latvia
Re-entry 13 R. Lithuania
Re-entry 2 Latvia
Re-entry 21 R. Latvia
Re-entry 29 Latvia
Re-entry 31 Latvia
Re-entry 32 R. Latvia
Re-entry 33 R. Latvia
Re-entry 34 Latvia
Re-entry 4 R. Lithuania
Re-entry 4 R. Lithuania
re-entry 5 r. Lithuania
re-entry 6 r. Lithuania
Re-entry 9 R. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
re-entry r. Lithuania
Re-entry r. Lithuania
reentry r. Lithuania
reentry28 r. Lithuania
reentry29 r. Lithuania
Rimantas V. Lithuania
Rokas Š. Lithuania
Rolandas S. Lithuania
Saulius U. Lithuania
Tomas B. Lithuania
Tomas K. Lithuania
Tomas M. Lithuania
Victor S. Lithuania
Vytautas J. Lithuania
zaidejas12345 Lithuania