1 Rebuy

12.11.2018 18:00
75.00 €
November Festival
Olympic Casino Vilnius, Lietuva
Additional information

1 rebuy 180min. anytime, late registration 6 levels, levels 30min. 


Tournament results will be sent to The Hendon Mob database.

Starting stack
6138 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Ira29 Lithuania 1,920.00 € 263.00 Regular ranking
2 Danielius k Lithuania 1,250.00 € 210.00 Regular ranking
3 Devid B. Lithuania 940.00 € 175.00 Regular ranking
4 Michailas M. Lithuania 660.00 € 140.00 Regular ranking
5 Marius S. Lithuania 440.00 € 123.00 Regular ranking
6 Ilja B. 353.00 € 105.00 Regular ranking
7 Dmitrij C. Lithuania 285.00 € 88.00 Regular ranking
8 Aurelijus B. Lithuania 240.00 € 70.00 Regular ranking
9 Kaziukonis Lithuania 53.00 Regular ranking
abe Lithuania
Adomas L. Lithuania
Aleksandras R. Lithuania
Aleksej K. Lithuania
Alonas K. Lithuania
Andrej K. Lithuania
Andzej O. Lithuania
Antanas K. Lithuania
Audrius A. Lithuania
Aurimaso Lithuania
Bahadir H. Lithuania
Barselona Lithuania
bumchikaz Lithuania
CYBOPOB Lithuania
Dainius P. Lithuania
Daniel Monteleone Lithuania
Darius Lithuania
Deividas M. Lithuania
destramkau Lithuania
Diana K. Latvia
Dinas S. Lithuania
Diodukas Lithuania
Donatas P. Lithuania
Egidijus L. Lithuania
Eimantas P. Lithuania
Eligijus A. Lithuania
ErnestasS Lithuania
Gaetano Giovanni B. Lithuania
Gianluigi C. Lithuania
Grigorij R. Lithuania
H.V. Lithuania
Horacio Vargas M. Lithuania
Ingrida Lithuania
Jaroslav S. Lithuania
Jonas V. Lithuania
Kaspirovskis Lithuania
kysa86 Lithuania
laSla Lithuania
Lorentas K. Lithuania
Lukas D. Lithuania
Mantas G. Lithuania
Marius L. Lithuania
Marjan O. Lithuania
Povilas L. Lithuania
Robertas Ž. Lithuania
SMDBMF Lithuania
Tautvydas T. Lithuania
Tomas A. Lithuania
Vygerdas J. Lithuania
Vytautas K. Lithuania
Vytautas V. Lithuania
zaidejas12345 Lithuania